Why should I register?

Online portal

Take advantage of monpaniervert.ca online portal to update your merchant profile at any time.

Accessible site for the public

This online platform will allow you to display your offers to visitors interested in local food products.

Several other services to come

Eventually with the monpaniervert.ca initiative you will be able to subscribe to value-added services, generate opportunities in your region and more to come.

Acceptance criteria

Offer seed produced locally

Seed producers

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The seeds that you offer, whether flowers or vegetables, must be produced mainly locally

Offer plants produced locally

Garden Centers

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You must offer a wide choice of vegetable plants produced in greenhouses or in the fields, in your state.

Offer vegetables produced locally

Vegetable producers

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Your business mainly offers to customer vegetables or fruits produced locally. Whether in your fields or in greenhouses.

How does it work?

Registration in three steps


Complete and submit the form below

Once the form is completed, you will receive an email confirming your registration.


Creating an account on the portal

Once your profile is approved, you will be able to create your portal account from the link located in the approval email.


Finalize your profile via the portal

At this stage, you will be able to add important information such as the status of your current services (online purchase, home delivery, etc.) in addition to uploading additional photos to display your offer to visitors.

Merchant registration form

Please complete the form below in French (Limit of one registration per merchant)