Frequently Asked Questions

Do all the merchants offer organic products?

No, this repository highlights local vegetable producers, garden centers and seed producers, whether they offer products from conventional or organic crops. You can find out if a producer provide organic products in their detailed profile.

Do some merchants offer online store?

Several merchants have a website to display. Some offer online sales. Please pay attention to the green tags in their profil to see which services are available or visit their website or call them for more details.

How can I make sure that the products are local?

Transparency is an important value in local purchasing. Many producers will take the time to identify their products as being cultivated / produced locally. Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask!

Is delivery service available?

Each merchant defines their services offer. You will then have to check if the delivery service is available. Fortunately, allows you to quickly find out via the green tags in the merchants list and detailed profile.